21 Nov 2018

Word Bank Chief Environmental Economist Sofia Alroth to speak on mainstreaming natural capital in policies and strategies

Sofia Alroth, Chief Environmental Economist at the World Bank, will give her views on ways to mainstream natural capital and strategies at the PAGE Ministerial Conference in Cape Town.

Sofia is a Senior Environmental Economist at the World Bank, and part of the secretariat for WAVES – Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem services. WAVES is a global partnership dedicated to mainstreaming natural capital accounting (NCA) into development planning, and is working with developing countries to build capacity and develop policy-relevant natural capital accounts. Sofia is managing the Policy and Technical Experts Committee (PTEC), which supports WAVES in developing methods for ecosystem accounting and demonstrating policy uses of natural capital accounting, and is a focal point for the South East Asia and the Pacific region. She also manages WAVES’s interaction with private sector natural capital accounting.Previous to joining the World Bank, Sofia was head of the Environmental Economics unit at the Swedish EPA.

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