22 Jan 2019

Cape Town Action Pathways Towards 2030

One of the results of the Ministerial Conference is the “Cape Town Action Pathways Towards 2030document, which outlines the key policy messages that emerged from discussions and the pathways to support countries in advancing sustainable and inclusive economies. The messages highlight the need to reinvigorate our economies, shifting from linear economic models of production, consumption and investment towards circular economies; it recommends to anchor green strategies and policies in long-term development frameworks, focusing on economic, social and political inclusion to ensure that no one is left behind in accessing equitably the benefits and opportunities arising from economic, social and environmental progress. The third element relates to the Future of Work in a changing climate, for which we must reorganise our economies towards a greater resource efficiency, sustainability and resilience. In addition, the document acknowledges the importance of strengthening partnerships and multilateralism to sustain a collective vision to transform economies and societies.

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